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“Foster Appliance Installation and Service is one of my key installers that I depend on. When we have a customer that needs that extra special touch in handling a difficult installation, I trust Foster Appliance Installation and Service to handle the difficult situation. They handle difficult cabinet, electrical and plumbing installation problems with ease and leave my customers happy and satisfied, which is very important to our business. Often our customers have to wait for a popular item to be delivered and are frustrated already and don’t want to wait an additional period of time for the installation. Foster Appliance Installation and Service shows up promptly when notified, then courteously and professionally provides a flawless installation. I often get calls from my own customers after Foster Appliance Installation and Service has completed a job, raving about the quality of the installation. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, I got two calls from two separate customers in just one week, thanking us for the terrific appliance installation and the professionalism of the installer. One of them was a difficult-to-satisfy customer that wouldn’t hand out compliment unless truly impressed. As a business owner with customers to please, I couldn’t be happier with Foster Appliance Installation and Service! I am very satisfied with Foster Appliance Installation and Service and absolutely would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone that has an appliance to install or service. I’m very happy with my decision to use Foster Appliance Installation and Service to serve my customers.”

Dick Notman, Owner
Eden Prairie Appliance
Eden Prairie, MN


“We had a major remodeling project that resulted in two kitchens being redone. After looking around and talking to several contractors, we contacted Foster Appliance Installation and Service and were surprised when they showed up exactly when they said they would. They listened to our concerns about making the appliances work with the cabinets we ordered and within the space we had to work with, and the price for the work we wanted done. They answered our questions and concerns about the quality of the installation and the installation process and the mess that would be made. With their flat rate pricing we knew we would be with in our budget. They assured us our satisfaction would be met. They delivered exactly as promised on everything. The appliances work wonderfully, the work was perfect and the service people were friendly, courteous, professional and meticulous about cleaning up behind them. We would heartedly recommend Foster Appliance Installation and Service to anyone. They really stood behind their word.”

Doug & Jane Denny
Minnetonka, MN


“For well over two years Foster Appliance Installation and Service has done a wonderful job for our customers on the difficult installations with built-in ovens, cook-tops, exhaust fans, among others. What I like most other than dependably good installations is the service to our customers of going out a head of time to measure and analyze what the installation will entail. This solves our customer’s problems before they happen. We are very satisfied with Foster Appliance Installation and Service and very much recommend them to all our customers and all others who want a quality installation done right.”

Jeff Koval,
Owner Koval Appliances
St. Louis Park, MN


“We moved here from Montevideo and in a small town you know who to trust for help, here we didn’t know anyone. The first time we had Foster Appliance Installation and Service out was to repair my daughter’s two-drawer dishwasher. After he fixed it, he went the extra step to fix a small nagging problem with the dishwasher that had been bothering us. We couldn’t use the bottom drawer of the dishwasher without moving our rug, so we didn’t use it. He fixed it immediately, and it made a huge difference. A whole new life for us! His attitude of, ‘a problem is a problem to be solved’ made me feel so good, as a former elementary principal I watch how people interact. Jeff was so professional and trustworthy, that when my daughter bought a new dryer we asked specifically for Foster Appliance Installation and Service to be the one to install it. He answered all our questions; his knowledge about appliances is wonderful. We have Jeff in our Name Book as THE person to call for all of our appliance and service needs. I highly recommend Jeff at Foster Appliance Installation and Service to anyone who wants their appliances installed and repaired correctly the first time. He’s a good guy!”

Rosie Dehli
Edina, MN


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